Our Team

  • Sharon Brown

    A genuine gemstone aficionado, Sharon Brown has always been captivated by gems' intricate beauty and profound meanings. As the proud owner of the Spirit of Joy website, her passion has blossomed into a platform dedicated to enlightening others about the transformative power of these natural wonders. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Sharon continues to delve deep into the world of gemstones, inspiring many along her journey.
  • Roger Henderson

    Co-owner of Spirit of Joy, Roger Henderson's fascination lies with gemstones and jewelry's artistry. A seasoned jewelry collector, Roger brings a unique perspective to the table, merging the aesthetic allure of jewelry with the spiritual essence of gemstones. Through Spirit of Joy, Roger shares this dual passion, helping others appreciate both form and function in their quest for mindfulness.
  • Steven Powell

    Steven Powell is the dedicated and meticulous backbone of Spirit of Joy's research team. With an academic background centered on stones and gems, Steven delves into these natural marvels' history, properties, and applications. His commitment to authenticity ensures that all information shared is accurate and enlightening.
  • Betty Hall

    Embarking on a personal journey towards inner peace, healing, and mindfulness, Betty Hall found solace in gemstone teachings and practices. His experiences, both personal and professional, have made her a guiding light for many seeking a harmonious existence. At Spirit of Joy, Betty lends her expertise, helping others navigate their paths toward inner tranquility and self-awareness.